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Aesthetic dermal fillers are tissue compatible substances injected to give volume to deflated and sagging, aging skin to “plump” up the area of concern. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are a special group of filler substances that share the same chemistry with the matrix substance in the skin, namely, hyaluronic acid.

These fillers are invaluable for the instant volumisation and lift of the aging face. Thus, it gives a more youthful look and helps in restoring the loss of tissue from aging to a proportion of the golden ratio, phi. With dermal fillers, the natural contours of the face such as the ogee curve can be restored. With more modern HA fillers that is more malleable and lifting capacity, reshaping to the desired contour is achievable, such as the nose, lips, chin, cheek hollows and the sunken and bulging lower eyelids in the tear trough deformity.

The procedure is usually pain-free and the results, instantaneous. Top of the range dermal fillers can be a useful choice for a traditional facelift at the fraction of the cost and downtime and risks.

Similarly, facial defects such as temple and cheek hollows and lines can be evened out with dermal fillers. Other uses for dermal fillers include the lax and reduced structure of the back of the hands.

Today’s fillers are long-lasting and usually complication reduced with comfortable delivery through a fine needle or a cannula and pain-free treatment.

“Get the extra lift with fillers.”