Look, Feel, Aesthetics!


Dear Reader,

This blog is aimed at sharing an insight into medical aesthetic, contemporary and the  happenings in aesthetics today. For the reader who wishes to know more of facial and body  aesthetics, and the appreciation of beauty, you may glean some interesting facts amongst this  journal entries. We truly hope you enjoy and benefit from our input.

This journal will include topics of interest relating to the science and art for bringing out a more beauteous physical appearance and the accompanying virtues of improved emotional attributes which are as tangible in you..

Aesthetics? Why does one desire to look good or aspire to be better looking?

The answer is perhaps more simple than one can assume. It’s only human nature, everyone has the innate desire to look and feel good whenever possible.

As we attempt to bravely move on from this devastating Covid 19 pandemic, we will give as much importance to the holistic and Wellness medicine to compliment aesthethetic medicine. Afterall, Prevention is better than cure!

That’s Look, Feel, Aesthetics!

Stay safe, stay healthy!

Thank you