Obesity control; Back to basics

The Covid19 pandemic lockdown has stretch on to approximately 21 months since official  announcement early 2020.

The pandemic Lockdown began as a novel feeling of sailing into uncharted waters for many. Most  have never experienced a curfew nor faced a pandemic as impactful as Covid 19.

Disregarding the initial bravado and even a tinge of euphoria – perhaps in anticipation of long holiday ahead, it is also arguably visible that the long lay off soon assumed the face of woefully frustrating. This comprises  the lock-in, increasing mental stress from the general standstill on the  economic front and a sense of increasingly prevailing hopelessness each day and dreadful malaise creeping silently into our lives. Most of us simlly lost the ability for daily exercise.

In varying contrasting degrees, being locked indoors over long periods only unlocks the undesirable habit of  unending walks to & fro, albeit only from the TV couch to the the kitchen. Food has crept in as a favorite activity and succor.

Strange but true, a significant  number of our population have now  gained weight in this Covid 19 pandemic.Therefore, one should  constantly stay alert to the clear and present danger posed by obesity amidst this deadly pandemic. We are now facing the twin threat of a virus lurking outdoors and getting overweight indoors!

Attached is an interview article regarding obesity reduction and maintenence of body weight with Saxenda (liraglutide), a new pharmacologic medication with FDA approval in obesity management.

All  inquiries are welcomed and you will also receive professional dietitians’ advice and the doctor’s hand-holding with Saxenda treatment in beating obesity and living in the New Normal.

Stay safe!

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